Our company works in a transparent way, so we want to inform you about our management.

‘Ethics’ is placed as top priority.

Our company operates through an ethics management.
Our goal is to treat all employees and customers justly and fairly.
We belive that following a a moral and ethical code, business will improve, because if all are encouraged to collaborate, work will be less heavy.

Ethical behavior means  adhering to law, competing with others in an honest manner and carring out daily tasks without any element of fraud.

Within our company we have a document, which highlights all the ethical rules of good conduct that employees have to respect.

To each new employee is required to view the document and puts it into pratic immediately .
We focus a lot on this.

Every decision that is made on a daily basis involves an ethical decision.

Who holds a higher position have the task of encourage all employees to follow the same ethics.Etica

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