For the marketing of our turistic packages we carry out promotional activities aimed at perform action with some co-marketing tour operators (for exemple organizing periodically party with cocktails and gadgets agreeing with tour operators a discount for all in the course of the event buyers or prize and a trip to pull out king by lot among participants) . The marketing plan for the company Old guys travel agency, has began with analysis of the local and with the identification of tourism resources. Identifying Strengths and Weakness , in order to choose the actions aims to promote marketing agency.
They were set in the first  objectives and position in the market ; we choose the location for the structure ; then we passed to the competition analysis , evaluating how be able to differentiate. Subsequently, it was underlined the company’s mission , the target to which you are intends to address , the type of products – services , activities of promotion and marketing that intend to carry out , and finally, why the initiative should succeed.

Promotion and marketing territorial tourism means to achieve:
Through the mass media , as television  and radio, advertising signs ; promotion activities through newspapers and magazines
– participation in trade and tourism exchanges in the field ;
– participation in workshops national and international tour ;
– Inclusion in specialized catalogs of the sector;
– Attendance at major Internet portals ;
– The inclusion in the CRS ( computer reservation system) .
Care of public relations and collaboration with public and private entities :
Province , municipalities, regions , organizations , Chamber of Commerce ,
CONFCOMMERCIO , ASSINDUSTRIA , CONFARTIGIANATO , associations for tour operators and travel agencies, tourism associations and regional associations conference .
Business with national and international tour operators to promote the product offered.

The mission defines the style of intervention, the image of the company, a way of being that consumers need to understand and recognize in every product it offers. In our case we will focus a lot on the news. We aim to deliver always original and creative way for customers who do not like mass tourism and are always very alert to changes in fashion and trends. In particular, give great attention to the needs of every customer especially the handicapped and people not able to be independent in washing, walking…
The mission can be summarized as follows: to become one of the main travel agencies led them in a position to enhance our territory, rich in all its historical, natural, cultural and gastronomic.
The name of our company is: “Old guys travel agency” and our slogan is: “if you want to keep young, you have to follow us!”

For the characteristics of the activity within the company as well as promoting tourism service and reception, we believe that the main customers are cipali quell
and categories of persons belonging to the following groups:
-Public entities;
-Trade associations;
-Club cultural, recreational and social services.
The reasons for the company to turn to the categories indicated are related to the experience of personal and group of each component of the company; needs to offer diversified products for their own territory: to meet the needs of the customer; come in against the question of “tourism” which is always more demanding and more varied.



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