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the fun has no age!

Old Guys Travel Agency are organizing a trip to Gardaland, you join us?

For more information about the park go to the web site

The program of the trip is as follows:

  • the trip starts from the Station of Monza with our special bus;

  • the departure is scheduled for eight o’clock or so, do not worry you expect something unexpected can always happen;

  • once inside you are free to do all the games that you want, or we could all have fun together while also helping the elderly most in need;

  • we will go for lunch in the dining area where we can find different types of food and choose what we prefer

  • in the afternoon we will visit the adjacent amusement park called sea life aquarium. In this aquarium we observe the various species of fish from sharks to breed and a thousand other kinds, is really interesting, trust me there are already!

  • departure to the return to Monza is scheduled for six o’clock

I warn you there will be a little ‘tail, however, we will try to animate the bus trip with a few songs and some riddle. As you know with our agency, there is never a dull.

for more information on this tour please contact us at our email or comment on this post. we will be happy to give you all possible explanations. Our team is a team that includes a nurse for any eventuality and our bus has a maximum capacity of 30 people so don’t waste time Make reservations!

the fun has no age 🙂



Retirement, vagabonding style

We were sit in caffè, while we waited what we ordered we read an articles on an The Wall Street Journal, and an idea come to our mind. Not only the young people want travel, so we start to think to create an travel agency for senior…

A couple, Lynn and Tim Martin, decided to ditch the stereotypical retirement lifestyle and hit the road. We admire them a lot, because to take a decision that change the life must be a lot of courage. In early 2011 they sold their house in California and moved the few objects they wanted to keep into a 10-by-15-foot storage unit. Since then, they have lived in furnished apartments and houses in Mexico, Argentina, Florida, Turkey, France, Italy and England. In the next couple of months, they will live in Ireland and Morocco before returning briefly to the U.S. for the holidays. They have used airplanes, trains, buses, taxis, cars and ferries, our favorite means of transportation is now trans-Atlantic repositioning voyages.

We admire them a lot, because to take a decision that change the life must be a lot of courage.

Our agency want to focus energies to carry on wishes of older people, to help you to enjoy tailored holidays from the economic point of view and from the point of view of services offered. After a lifetime of work and sacrifice come the time to take care yourselves without giving up to anything. You have to enjoy the life to 360 degrees!

We want to give you a little advice, travel to feel you young, descover you the beauties you have around!

The travel is a efficient medicine.

Every your desire with us become reality!

What do you think about this?