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Good Morning!
I’m Martina and I live in Giussano, a small city near monza. I’m an only child but I would have liked to have an older brother to play with, confide in and going out in moments of boredom. I attended linguistic high school and as you can imagine, I love languages and i have the possibility to use them because I love traveling with my family and friends. Every year we try to make a trip to a different city; one of my goals is to travel around the whole world. About my hobbies, I love skiing and swimming: I have been attending courses since I was 8 years old. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives, i’m a sensitive, shy, stubborn, impulsive and friendly person; I love talking and going out with friends. This design work for a travel agency for the elderly intrigues me and I’m really glad to work with my other 3 classmates with whom I can cooperate very well. Now I present you them:

Hi! My names is Silvia. I live in a small town near Morbegno called Delebio is in the province of Sondrio. I’ve studied first at i.t.c.g. Pasquale Saraceno and now i’m studing at scienze dell’organizzazione in Milano Bicocca. i live with my mum and my dad in a big old house , but also i’ve two older brothers called Stefano and Paolo. My brothers live alone because they have their family, in fact i’ve an adorable nephew called Diego. I like go around with my friends, go to cinema, listen rock music and update my facebook page. I work in old guys travel agency since is foudation (2012) . I love my work because one of my passion is to go around the world and with this agency we can help a lot of helder.

Hello! My name is Martina and I’m an italian girl of 19 years old. I was born in Monza the 1st of November of the 1994, but I have always lived in Muggiò, a small town not too far from Monza, in Lombardy. I gradueted in business-languages high school in 2013. I learned three languages: English, German and Spanish. When I finished high school, I have decided to go to Milano-Bicocca University. Now I attend the first year of scence of organization. I’m a reliable, cheerful, sweet, shy and funny person, I’m sensitive and patient and also consider myself a big dreamer. I love to stay in contact with people and descover new things. I also love stay outdoors and especially travel. So far I have visited places like Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, France, Germany and some region of Italy but this is just the beginning, I have so many other places on my list of future travel. Talking about my future, I’m still not sure of my future plans. But this travel agency for Elderly I think that is a good start. I belive that also Senior must have the oportunity to travel and enjoy the life and in that way I can realize one of my biggest dream: to travel around the world. That’s me, a simple person but with many goals to achieve! See you soon!

Hi! I am Claudia i’m 19. I live in Lissone a small town near Monza.i live with my mum and my Dad i have a brother but he live in briosco with her wife gloria. My other brother is my dog, it’s name is benje. I gradueted in business languages high school. I learnerd english,spanish and german. Now i’m studing at scienze dell’organizzazione. In my freetime,i going out with my dog ,going to shopping and listening music. My favourite hobby is travelling to discover another culture and people is fantastic. And This work interesting me a lot. I love This travel Agency.


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