the fun has no age!

Old Guys Travel Agency are organizing a trip to Gardaland, you join us?

For more information about the park go to the web site

The program of the trip is as follows:

  • the trip starts from the Station of Monza with our special bus;

  • the departure is scheduled for eight o’clock or so, do not worry you expect something unexpected can always happen;

  • once inside you are free to do all the games that you want, or we could all have fun together while also helping the elderly most in need;

  • we will go for lunch in the dining area where we can find different types of food and choose what we prefer

  • in the afternoon we will visit the adjacent amusement park called sea life aquarium. In this aquarium we observe the various species of fish from sharks to breed and a thousand other kinds, is really interesting, trust me there are already!

  • departure to the return to Monza is scheduled for six o’clock

I warn you there will be a little ‘tail, however, we will try to animate the bus trip with a few songs and some riddle. As you know with our agency, there is never a dull.

for more information on this tour please contact us at our email or comment on this post. we will be happy to give you all possible explanations. Our team is a team that includes a nurse for any eventuality and our bus has a maximum capacity of 30 people so don’t waste time Make reservations!

the fun has no age 🙂



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