About us

Senior citizens and older travelers need to exercise some caution when flying, driving long distances or going on a cruise. Rapid changes in the temperature and climate, hours of walking and standing, and the stress of traveling itself can take their toll on an older person’s health and well-being. However, there are several ways to make the travel experience more comfortable. Access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation is something most people take for granted. Many people are able walk out of their home and hop into their car parked in the driveway. Others walk a few blocks to the nearest bus stop and use public transit to get to their destination. These options simply are not available to many senior and disabled residents living in communities. Limited financial resources, physical infirmities, or the lack of public transportation in rural areas are barriers which limit the mobility options of seniors and the disabled. Old guys travel agency helps fill this void by providing a vital transportation link to help meet the everyday needs of the people we serve. Old guys travel agency is a private non-profit organization. Born in 20014, the company provides transportation services to seniors and the disabled residing in Lombardia… And it’s not just for transportation to and from medical appointments, but also shopping, banking, trips to the local pharmacy, going on holiday or simply a ride to the local coffee shop to meet with friends are just a few of the reasons people use our agency. Whatever your transportation needs, we can help.


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